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What a Coincidence!

Isaiah 34:11b
…He shall stretch the line of confusion over it, and the plumb line of emptiness.

I recently heard an acclaimed Irish poet and essayist tell his powerful story of how God led him to Christianity after decades of searching. He talked about how the intrinsic beauty in the natural world continued to collide with his agnostic notions, and he knew that naturalism couldn’t answer his deepest questions. So, he left his Irish roots, went East, studied Buddhism, joined conferences, and practiced meditation, but his longing for God only deepened. Eventually, his environmentalist roots found solace in neo-paganism, and he spent two years learning and practicing Wicca. But, still, God’s presence lurked behind the shadows of his consciousness and he was as empty as ever. He begged God for help and God began to reveal Himself—through vivid dreams, through ‘coincidental’ encounters with Christians, through silent epiphanies—and, not long after, that long-felt spiritual void was finally filled.

Christian, maybe you haven’t travelled the world on a spiritual journey of discovery, but your testimony is every bit as profound and miraculous and surprising as his. So today, find confused and empty souls in your life and share with them the meaning they’ve been missing.