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Strong Peoples will Glorify You

Isaiah 25:3a

Therefore strong peoples will glorify you.

Friend, I encourage you to put this devotional down for a few minutes, turn your Bible to Psalm 15, and read how God defines a strong person. Contrast what you read there with what you hear touted all throughout society today. Time and time again, I’ve heard that a person’s fortitude comes from self-assurance and self-belief and self-empowerment, but Jesus, the divine embodiment of Psalm 15, shows us that strength comes through self-sacrifice. So with Him as your immovable definition, think now on the strongest people in your own life. Which pastors and teachers and friends and mentors have most infused you with courage to stand firm in this corrupt generation? I challenge you: go out of your way to thank them, even if doing so takes time and effort and interrupts your plans. Remember that even history’s strongest saints—men like Elijah and Paul and John the Baptizer—needed a kind word to lift their spirits, so fortify the faith of your living heroes by sharing words of gratitude.

All in all, magnify the Lord in all you do, encourage your brothers and sisters in their walk of faith, and you’ll be counted among the strong today.