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Sabbath Psalm 46 (Revision of John Bakewell’s hymn ‘Hail, Thou Once-Despised Jesus!’)

Hail, our once-rejected Jesus! Hail, our Galilean King!
How You suffered to release us; we can barely watch the scene!
Hail, our agonizing Savior! Bearer of our sin and shame!
By Your mercies we find favor; life is given through Your name.

Paschal Lamb, by God appointed—every sin on You was laid;
By almighty Love anointed; You have full atonement made.
Eden’s crime is now forgiven; Adam’s sin and mine beside;
Peace I feel that knows no measure; cherubs lead me back inside!

Jesus, Hail! Enthroned in glory—Light of angels, Light of men!
Ever radiate before me—burn away my hidden sin!
Lead my spirit up Mount Zion, higher than my faith has climbed;
There I’ll rest with lambs and lions in that Sabbath peace sublime.