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Mighty in God’s Eyes

Genesis 10:10

Therefore it is said, “Like Nimrod a mighty hunter before the LORD.”

I’ve always had an attention deficit disorder when it comes to lists of names and numbers, and even though I graduated with an M.A. in Ancient History and have taught high school history classes, in a technical sense I’m a hack of historian. Things like names, dates, forensics, and linguistic nuances, tend to bounce off my eyes like hailstones on a storm door, and they rarely slip through the cracks. Thankfully, God, knowing my deficiency, pitied me just now as I slugged through the genealogical record of Genesis 10, and He gripped me with the phrase, “a mighty hunter before the LORD”. Think of it, friend: what if God looks down on your life today and calls you mighty? If you’ve ever read a Christian biography, or if you’ve ever had a godly spiritual mentor, you know full well that the most heroic saints among us are the ones most conscious of their sin and most humble toward others. And they’ll never know how precious they really are until they hear the Author of their own life-story read it back to them in heaven.

So be faithful in your love for God and others today, friend. There’s nothing mightier.