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From the Father’s Mouth

From the Father’s Mouth

Isaiah 62:2b

… and you shall be called by a new name that the mouth of the LORD will give.


I go back often to that remarkable account in Genesis 2 where God, upon creating all the animals, brings the creatures to Adam to see what he’ll call them, and it’s worth noting that God is actually inviting Adam to participate in one of the most personal aspects of creation—the act of naming. Friend, have you considered the fact that we, like Adam, still carry on that divine work today? We give special names to our spouses and nicknames to our friends and birth-names to our children, and, for us, a name does more than merely describe what something is, it defines what something is to us. My little boy might be one of a million Micahs in the world, but when I say the name in reference to him, it’s always special, always unique, and always as original as the relationship it represents.


Friend, when your heavenly Father thinks of you, a special name comes to His mind that you don’t even know yet. And you won’t really know yourself truly until that day when you hear in His voice who we are to Him.