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Same Ministry, New Name

You’ve probably noticed that our ministry has a new name, new logo, and a new website. Our ministry began as Wisdom for the Heart. We are now Wisdom International. Scott Wylie recently interviewed Stephen Davey to discuss this change.


Scott: Stephen, you launched this ministry back in 2001, and it’s had one name ever since then. What prompted you to change the name of the ministry now?


Stephen: God has chosen to bless the ministry and allowed us to have a global reach beyond any of my expectations. Our broadcasts are now being translated into a number of languages, and we have staff members either living or heading toward, international locations. When we originally named this ministry, we named it after the thirty-minute program, Wisdom for the Heart.  But since then, the ministry has developed several more spokes on the wheel, beyond one radio program. Using the new name, Wisdom International, unites all that we do under one ministry umbrella.


Scott: Does this new name reflect a change in philosophy?


Stephen: Our passion and conviction remain the same. Our new name, Wisdom International, simply provides an umbrella name for all the resources in the Wisdom family.


Scott: For those who may not know, what are some of the main ministry areas that Wisdom International is involved in?


Stephen: Currently, we air Wisdom for the Heart on 300+ radio stations and internet venues. We also incorporated Charity House Publishing to produce all of our books and print resources. A new program is currently under production, which we’re calling The Wisdom Journey.


Scott: Even though The Wisdom Journey is a couple of years away, can you share a little bit about what it is?


Stephen: Sure. The Wisdom Journey will take our listeners through the entire Bible in three years. It will be a fifteen-minute program that I’ll record in the studio, teaching from Genesis 1 all the way through Revelation 22. We believe God is opening a door for us to launch this brand-new resource that will provide audio and video broadcasts, and printed transcripts to equip pastors, church leaders, and believers in the clear exposition of each book of the Bible.


Scott: And there will be an international component to The Wisdom Journey as well?


Stephen: Yes, our prayer is we will be able to translate our teaching of the entire Bible into the top 100 languages of the world.  That’ll cost a lot of money, but we believe it’s a prayer request worth making!


Scott: Launching a brand new program, in 100 languages does sound costly. Where does the project currently stand? 


Stephen: We’re currently working on the English transcripts for each Wisdom Journey program that will take the listener through the entire Bible.  There are 780 programs (5-weekdays for three years). Once we’ve finished the English transcripts, we’ll give these to translators for production in additional languages. 


Scott: What’s the difference in content between Wisdom for the Heart and The Wisdom Journey?


Stephen: The content we produce for the Wisdom for the Heart daily 30-minute program comes directly from my pulpit ministry. In fact, sometimes you’ll hear audience reactions as I’m preaching. The Wisdom Journey will be recorded here in the studio. We expect to launch this new 15-minute program in January of 2022.


Scott: And then The Wisdom Journey will be translated into the top 100 languages in the world?


Stephen: Well, that’s our vision . . . and a really big prayer request. It’s very expensive to translate, edit, record, produce, and broadcast 780 programs in any language.  Currently, we estimate that it will cost us around $250,000 per language. We will do as much as the Lord allows with the funding He provides, but we’re already praying that God will make 100 languages possible for a total financial need of 25 million dollars. The price tag is enormous, but so is the potential. The top 100 languages represent 85% of the world’s population!


Scott: The Wisdom for the Heart broadcast has been our flagship ministry. Will it continue as it has?


Stephen: Yes. The broadcast of my pulpit ministry in the thirty-minute program we call Wisdom for the Heart will continue to air just as it has now for fifteen years. The fifteen-minute Wisdom Journey will air in addition to Wisdom for the Heart.


Scott: What are some specific ways people can be praying for you and Wisdom International?


Stephen: People should always pray that this ministry will remain faithful in accurately proclaiming God’s Word. As J. Vernon McGee used to say, “there’s only one opinion that matters, and that’s God’s.”  Pray that God will use this ministry to equip and encourage believers, and to introduce unbelievers to the gospel.  Pray that our new resources (Heart to Heart Magazine and The Wisdom Journey) will bear spiritual fruit for Christ's glory


Scott: Since you pastor a large church, is Wisdom’s budget subsidized by your church?


Stephen: People are often surprised to learn that Wisdom International is a separate 501C3 ministry from the church.  We followed the advice of other “sister-ministries” like Grace to You and Insight for Living and established Wisdom as a separate ministry.  This protects both the church and Wisdom from budget conflicts, staffing issues, liability issues as well as any confusion over fundraising. So, to answer your question, 100% of our funding comes from our listeners – we are entirely listener supported. So we’re praying for more Ministry Partners to support our vision of teaching God’s word around the world. 


Scott: Thanks, Stephen. Friends, Wisdom International, and its various ministries will continue to use all the same means of interacting with listeners, readers, and supporters.