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New Release in the Wisdom Commentary Series

Stephen Davey released his new book entitled 1-3 John: Expository Commentary on the New Testament available HERE. This book is the tenth volume in his Wisdom Commentary Series.

By the time John the Apostle entered his nineties, he was the last living apostle. After preaching the gospel for decades, John could have faded into a quiet retirement, content with the impact he made on the first-century church. Instead, this elder statesman picked up his pen and wrote three personal postcards — one addressed to a local church and two delivered to individual believers. These inspired letters offer wisdom and encouragement for faithful disciples worldwide.

How can we be sure Jesus is who He claimed to be? The apostle John knew about the power of an eyewitness account, and he wrote three letters to the first century church encouraging them with a defense of Jesus’ divinity. As Stephen unpacks these letters from “the disciple whom Jesus loved,” the message for the church is clear: Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.

Add Stephen's exposition of 1-3 John to your library of Christian resources