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The Original Jungle Book

The Original Jungle Book

The Bible is the original jungle book. God created all things—including dinosaurs and huge animals. Not only did the fall affect mankind, it affected all of creation, even the animals. Animals fight over food and fight for their lives when once, they could lie down together. Studying these creatures, specifically dinosaurs, shows us just how magnificent God is. Mankind is weak, but God is strong. He is unstoppable.


If I asked you if you ever saw a movie or read a book that featured lions and cheetahs and bears and crocodiles and panthers and hyenas, you’d probably say yes because you either read or watched The Jungle Book. Wild animals are on every page and around every corner.

Frankly, nothing captures our fascination and wonder and curiosity and amazement like a good story involving wild animals . . . especially big ones. Just think King Kong . . . or Jurassic World. There’s something awe inspiring about true or even legendary tales of wild animals.

One of the most overlooked wonders of the Bible is that it introduces us to hundreds of different types of animals – including crocodiles and cheetahs and lions and bears and snakes and frogs and deer and antelope and badgers and locusts and foxes and wolves and fish and whales and sheep and on and on and on. The Bible happens to be the – original – Jungle Book.

Most of the animals mentioned in the creation account of Genesis – and revealed throughout the Bible – are to be understood as realistic . . . and nobody gets any indigestion over crocodiles and cheetahs and panthers being recorded as real animals.

But the bigger the animal gets, the greater the disbelief or the greater the legend and the mystery. Probably nothing has captured the attention and fascination of our world like the dinosaur has, over recent decades.

In fact, the dinosaur is the evolutionist’s favorite poster boy – used more than any other creature to indoctrinate several generations of children and adults that the earth has to be millions of years old.

The truth is, much of the mystery surrounding the reality of the dinosaur species happens to exist only because the Biblical record has long been abandoned.

The Bible – which happens to be the History Book of the Universe, as well as the Prophecy Book of a Future Universe – is ignored.i

If you take the time to investigate the eyewitness account of the creation of earth and the animal kingdom – and the eyewitness was God Himself, who delivered the account to Adam – written down later by Moses, under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Now, according to the only eyewitness account available, and the eyewitness is a reliable eyewitness because He cannot lie (Titus chapter 1 and verse 2) – and God’s eyewitness account is that dinosaurs, and every other land creature, were created on the 6th day of creation, topped off, on that same day, with the creation of the first, actual, historical, living couple named Adam and Eve.

And according to God’s eyewitness account, the world that was created in the 5 days prior to this climactic concluding 6th day creation of the animal kingdom and the human race – was the entire universe was created with all the features and all the benefits of maturity in order to immediately benefit and sustain life on earth.

In other words – the stars were created and their light already supernaturally sped up to provide their light to the earth although they were billions of light years away; trees were created mature and already bearing leaves and fruit, the grass already rich and luxuriant, ready for the beasts of the earth to eat who were created and immediately grazing the earth.

Adam and Eve were created, not as embryos, but as immediately – physically mature adults – walking, talking, planning, eating, working and worshipping God.

Before they ultimately rebelled against God, it was a different world. One author called it the fearless age. In other words, there was no fear between humans and animals.

For one thing, the Bible tells us, Adam and Eve and all the animals were originally herbivores. In Genesis 1:30, Moses records God’s words to Adam and Eve: Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you; and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to everything that moves on the earth which has life, I have given every green plant for food. God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.

Genesis 1:30-31

In other words, dinosaurs, along with every other animal, including the T-rex, was not a carnivore when created – he was a vegetarian . . . fortunately.

People will say, “But look at the teeth on that T-rex; those teeth are not for eating celery.” Originally they were.

Even to this day, by the way, appearances can be deceiving; the panda bear has sharp teeth like a meat-eater, but eats bamboo. Other bears in the western world are herbivores, grazing on grasses.

The marine iguana looks like a savage meat eater with a rows of very sharp teeth – one of my sons has the scars in his hand to prove it – but the iguana is a vegetarian.

Until the fall of Adam, animals who would become predators were originally designed by God to be satisfied with plant life.

It’s interesting that not too long ago, a recent discovery in India gave us an unusual glimpse at the dinosaur when fossilized dinosaur dung was found and then carefully studied. (That would not have been my favorite summer job.) And what they discovered was that the diet of the dinosaur was several different types of grass.ii

Everything began to change after Adam and Eve sinned. The Bible is filled with a record of so many changes – including animals becoming predators.

That T-rex will stop eating celery and it’ll want to eat you. Which is the obvious reason dinosaur bones and human bones aren’t found near each other . . . people didn’t live around them.

Even the ground changed to resist the efforts of Adam – growing thistles and thorns and weeds.

Beloved, sin brought about the fall, not just of Adam and Eve and all of mankind since, but the fall and corruption and distortion of nature and the animal kingdom. Today the animal kingdom happens to be, for the most part, a brutal kingdom. There is no such thing as mercy between species. It’s called the food chain for a reason.

And until the predatory dinosaurs died out – like so many other species – not 65 million years ago, but as recently as 800 years ago, mankind was virtually helpless.

Listen to one historical account of life in England dated A.D. 1405 – 600 years ago – e it reads, “Close to the town of Bures, near Sudbury, there has lately appeared, to the great hurt of the countryside, a beast, vast in body, with a crested head, teeth like a saw, and a tail extending to an enormous length.iii Unfortunately, nobody had a camera.

Ever since the fall of man, the bigger you are, the better you’ve got it on the food chain. But to this day, the animal kingdom especially is riddled with tension and fear and uncertainty.

In fact, it’s interesting when watching the little birds in our backyard – let me tell you – they are always on high alert; they never stop looking this way and that – before dipping down into the bird bath they frantically look everywhere they can before dipping down; even when they land at the feeder to get a seed, they are on high alert – fearful of being attacked, surprised or hurt by a bigger bird who wants that food. I walk out that door and boom, they’re gone!

Yesterday that mockingbird flew to the bird feeder several times and chased all the other birds away . . . he’s the bully of the birdfeeder – obviously unredeemed. And as soon as he flew in, all the finches and the bluebirds knew to take off.

Whenever that hawk starts crying out overhead and all the little birds take cover. I’ve watched that hawk swoop down on a dove resting in the branches of a tree in our back yard – immediately crushed in the talons of that bird and carted off for dinner.

Why does even that contemporary phenomena take place? If you read from the original Jungle Book, God’s word explains that it all tracks back to changes that occurred in nature because of the fall of man and the fall of the natural world right along with him.

Paul writes to the Roman believers: Through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin.

Romans 5:12

Paul didn’t say, through one man sin entered that one man. No no . . . through one man, sin entered the world – the entire world was impacted and affected and altered and corrupted and changed.

Paul also writes further in chapter 8;

For the creation was subjected to futility (that word means, it lost its original direction or design; but now speaking of a future redemption, Paul adds) . . . creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of deterioration into the glorious liberty of the children of God . . . (in the meantime Paul adds) we know that the whole creation groans . . .”

Romans 8:20-22

Imagine, all of creation is groaning - agonizing, Paul will write, until the day of redemption. Groaning for the end of the effects of sin as we now experience them . . . groaning for the glory of the coming kingdom and the reign of Christ on earth in that 1,000 year kingdom – that Millennial kingdom – which will usher in a wonderful season on earth.

In fact, we’re told that in the coming Millennial kingdom – when Christ reigns on earth and we with Him, for 1,000 years, God is going to revert many things back to the days of Adam and Eve and one of the most remarkable reversals will include the animals.

Isaiah describes that coming kingdom – listen to how the animal world will revert back to the days of Eden: And the wolf will dwell with the lamb (they don’t dwell with them, they usually eat them), the leopard will lie down with the young goat (they’re going to take a nap together); and the calf and the young lion will feed together; and a little boy will lead them (in other words, his pet is going to be a calf but it could just as easily be a lion. I mean, how great is that going to be? And the cow and the bear will graze . . . (bears usually eat cows – but now they’re going to graze in the same pasture) the lion will eat straw like the ox . . . the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord.

Isaiah 11:6-9

You see, if you begin with the biblical record of how everything started – so much of the mystery of the past is solved – where we came from . . . where the universe came from . . . where dinosaurs came from.

The mystery and the heartburn only grows when you abandon this History Book and accept the evolutionary speculations that dinosaurs eventually evolved from amphibians some 235 million years ago – we’re guessing here . . . and they ruled the earth until around 65 million years ago when they disappeared . . . and we’re guessing again.

In fact, we’ve lived long enough under the cloud of this most current theory of origins – known as the evolution of species through natural selection – we’ve lived long enough to watch the experts get a little embarrassed when they’ve declared something to be extinct, and they’re discovered alive and well.

For instance, in the 1990’s explorers found elephants in Nepal that have many features of mammoths, which were considered to have gone extinct 4,000 years ago. But nobody rewrote the science text books.

One author wrote that explorers in the jungles of the African Congo encountered what they described as dinosaur-like animals.iv

Even more interesting are the cave paintings by Native American Indians which depict natives hunting mammoths and – get this – dinosaurs.

And still, the children’s science textbooks have included those cave drawings of natives fighting mammoths, but they have conveniently left out the artistic evidence that dinosaurs and humans lived during the same time.

You see, dinosaurs have to be millions of years old for evolutionary speculations to remain intact. Can you imagine having to rewrite all the textbooks . . . not to mention allow a chink in the armor of the theory of evolution!

But are dinosaurs really millions of years old? Let me give you a current, 21st century illustration; in 2005, a team of scientists led by paleontologist Mary Schweitzer published a paper in which they described an unusual find. In the upper leg bone (the femur) of a T-rex, although the outer bone was completely fossilized, the interior regions were somehow sealed off from fossilizing fluids. And inside that T-rex femur were intact blood vessels and red blood cells.

You can imagine, their paper produced an uproar in the scientific community. And you can only imagine why! If the T-rex was 65 million years old, blood vessels and soft tissue would have long disintegrated.

By the way, in my research for this study, I read that paleontology (the study of fossils) is politics with a shovel. In other words, they can uncover and study the same set of bones and come away with entirely different conclusions – based in large part on their predispositions or world view.

Well, the scientific world immediately attacked Mary Schweitzer’s conclusions; they said that the blood vessels were film created by bacteria; bacterial residue also created what only looked like red blood cells. And her findings were completely written off.

But then in 2009, Schweitzer and her team produced a new paper based on their study of a bones of a duck-billed dinosaur supposedly 80 million years old.

What they found was a host of soft-tissue structures, proteins, hemoglobin and bone-forming cells. This time Schweitzer and her team allowed multiple, independent laboratories to test their findings.v Their discovery and claim of soft tissue was real. And it was obviously not 80 million years old, but in step with this History book . . . perhaps no more than 4,000 years old . . . or less.

Maybe you’re wondering, why does the fact that dinosaurs and humans living at the same time even matter to the Christian?

Here’s why it matters:

• the eyewitness account of Genesis is proven true or false depending on that statement in chapter 1 that all land animals were created on the 6th day, along with Adam and Eve;

• secondly, if the record of creation isn’t true, then not only is the Biblical description of the ancient world untrue, the Biblical description of the future world is probably untrue as well . . . where the wolf will lie down with the lamb and a little boy will play with his pet lion out in the front yard;

• and even more than that – if dinosaurs went extinct millions of years before human beings existed or evolved, you and I happen to lose one of the most amazing evidences that God cares about us when we suffer –

that we can have hope in the midst of

suffering – all of that is actually related in

the Bible to the fact that the dinosaur and the

human being were created on the same day.

I want you to turn to a passage in the Bible – I’m finally coming to the end of my introduction – you might know where this Book is, based on this clue – here’s the clue – it happens to be the book that is filled with references to creation, the universe, the global flood, early creation moments, the stars and planets, the animal kingdom.

Dr. Henry Morris, the founder of the Institute for Creation Science, once wrote that this Book of the Bible contains more modern scientific insights than any other book of the

And that Book happens to be the Book of Job. Turn there. As Job’s suffering is about to end, God shows up and gives Job a tour of the animal kingdom. And as the tour is just about over, God shows Job the two largest animals ever created. The largest sea animal – the Leviathan, and the largest land animal – the Dinosaur.

Now, you need to understand that the word dinosaur wasn’t coined until 1841 by Sir Richard Owen. The word which defines the largest land animal – we know as the sauropod dinosaur – is the Hebrew word, behemoth.vii

I’m always a bit amazed that evangelicals will try to use the word behemoth to refer to a water buffalo or a rhinoceros or a hippopotamus. Especially given the fact that we’ve unearthed skeletal remains of dinosaurs – the largest weighing approximately 90,000 pounds, stretching 75 feet long with its head reaching up to 40 feet high.

God is showing Job His power in creation – and the way you show that is by showing a powerful creature. God says to Job in chapter 40 and verse 15, Behold now (Look now); by the way, this means that Job has the ability to see it with his own eyes, Look now – Behemoth, which I made as well as you.

Stop there . . . don’t miss this . . . Look Job at the Behemoth – the dinosaur – I made him as well as I made you. Look at the Behemoth, which I made as well as you.

Now notice the description of what scholars consider a sauropod dinosaur – that is the subclass of dinosaur which is the largest ever discovered;

He eats grass like an ox (fortunately for you, Job). Behold now, his strength in his loins and his power in the muscles of his belly. He bends his tail like a cedar.

By the way, that rules out the elephant and the hippo who’s tails don’t resemble cedar trees, they resemble a piece of string; the sinews of his thighs are knit together, his bones are tubes of bronze; his limbs are like bars of iron. He is the first of the ways of God.

In other words, he isn’t the first animal created by God, but he is first in size and strength – in other words, this is the biggest land creature God ever created.

And God is essentially saying to Job, “I invented this – I created this massive animal – building into it amazing engineering dynamics – which I read about and don’t have time to tell you but it took amazingly creative engineering to make this dinosaur able to raise it’s head at the end of a 40 foot long neck – amazing support in it’s hind legs and ribs and chest . . . so that it could actually breath instead of suffocate under the stress of 90,000 pounds . . . capable of walking and eating.

Job, I knew how to put that massive creature together, just like I knew how to put you together.

Through this amazing creature, God is delivering two lessons:

First, Mankind is frail and his abilities are unimpressive

Stand at the Niagara Falls and listen to the roar and then consider the smallness of your own voice. In the presence of some massive natural wonder, we are suddenly unimpressive.

God here is effectively putting Job in his place . . . about the time you think you’re big stuff, step in front of a 90,000 pound, 75 feet long dinosaur and try sticking out your chest.

These awesome creatures remind us of how small we are and how frail we are and how dependent we are on the providence of God and the provision of God who created this earth for our benefit – and these creatures for our amazement.

This viewing session of the sauropod dinosaur is a way of humbling Job, and us, so that we think twice before we challenge the Creator, who formed these monstrous creations.viii

Lesson #1: Mankind is frail and his abilities are unimpressive.

Lesson #2: God is powerful and His plans are unstoppable

Which is why at the end of this visual tour, look over in chapter Job 42 and verse 2 where Job says to God – I know that You can do all things . . .

Job 42:2a

As if to say, if you can create these massive creatures – you can create anything. You can do all things!

Notice further; And that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.

Job 42b  God you are not only powerful, but your purposes are unstoppable. As if to say, Lord, if that Dinosaur can’t get in your way, nothing can.

Why did God create the dinosaur?

Among other reasons, to create something so massive and so jaw-dropping and so amazing that mankind would take comfort that God in seeing living illustration that God is greater than anything and in control of everything.

During this series, many of you have sent me comments, devotionals, articles on the subject of creation. Thank you for that – I read all of it.

One note I received was an excerpt where the author writes, “I’ve seen you stalking the malls, walking the aisles, searching for that extra-special gift. Stashing away a few dollars a month to buy him those new boots; staring at a thousand rings to find her the brightest jewel; staying up all night, assembling that new bicycle. Why do you do it? So the eyes will pop and the jaw will drop. To hear those words, “You did this, for me?” And that is why God did it. The next time a sunrise steals your breath or a meadow of flowers leaves you speechless, remain that way. And listen to the whisper from heaven, “Do you like it? I did it, just for you.”

Imagine that . . . according to God’s history book of Creation, it was given to us so that we would marvel at it and study it and learn from it and cultivate it and benefit from it and be sustained by it and – oh yes – to be awed by it, and then to give to God our highest compliments – wow, Lord . . . wow . . . look what you created.

And then like Job, during days of deepest valleys and darkest seasons, we look around and see what He’s created and then return to Him and give to Him our deepest confidence and trust . . .

We marvel at creation . . . we bow down to our Creator.

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