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(Job 2:11-13) The Ministry of Presence
(Job 3) Hitting Rock Bottom
(Job 4 & 5)  Avoiding the Error of Eliphaz
(Job 6 & 7) Escaping the Dungeon of Giant Despair
(Job 8) Calling the Kettle Black
(Job 9 & 10) The Gospel According to Job
(Job 11-14) The Day After You Die
(Job 15-17)  When Fairytales Have the Wrong Ending
(Job 18, 19) The Magnum Opus of Faith
(Job 20–21) What Christians Want to Know but Are Afraid to Ask
(Job 22–24) Saints in the Hands of an Angry Counselor
(Job 25-31) The Last Stand of A Desperate Man
(Job 32-37) The Learning Curve

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