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Faith on the Banks of the Nile
You Can’t Buy the Cure
The Minority Report
A Junkyard Orchestra
In the Middle of Miraculous
A Surprising Saint
(Selected Scripture) Introducing the Gospel of Action
(Mark 1:1-8) Five Small Locusts & Two Cups of Honey
(Mark 1:9-15) First Things First
(Mark 1:14-20) The Demands of Discipleship
(Mark 1:21-45) The Final Authority
(Mark 2:1-17) Never off Duty, Always on Call
(Mark 2:18 - 3:6) Splitting Hairs
(Mark 3:13-19) A Ragtag Band of Misfits
(Mark 3:20-35) The Unpardonable Sin
(Mark 4:1-20) The Sower, the Soil and the Seed
(Mark 4:35-41) Human Impossibility + Urgency = A Divine Miracle
(Mark 5:1-20) When Pigs Are Preferred
(Mark 5:21-43) Divine Delays
(Mark 6:7-13;30) A Disciple's Job Description
(Mark 10:21-37) When Caring Comes First
(Mark 6:32-56) Grace Before Greatness
(Mark 7:1-13) Hypocrisy in the Church
(Mark 8:34-38) Will the Real Disciples Please Stand Up?
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