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Faith on the Banks of the Nile
(Exodus 1:1-22)  From Pasture to Brickyard
(Exodus 2:1-10) Faith and a Wicker Basket
(Exodus 2:11-15) Forty Years Ahead of God
(Selected Scripture) Desert Lab 101
(Exodus 3-4:17) Availability and a Game of Chess
(Exodus 4:27-7:7) God's Best . . . When Things Couldn't be Worse
(Exodus 7,8-10:29) The Battle Between the Gods
(Exodus 11 & 12) Life or Death At Midnight
(Exodus 13 & 14) On the Bank of the Deep Red Sea
(Exodus 15:22-17:7) Grumbling at God
(Exodus 18) Burnout

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