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Luke 16-19 / Parables and Prophesies CD Set

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This Thirteen-CD set features Stephen Davey's teaching through Luke 16-19.

"Parables and Prophesies," a thought-provoking teaching series covering Luke 16 through 19, delves into the depths of Jesus' teachings, revealing the profound truths hidden within His parables and prophetic messages. This series begins with Luke 16, exploring the intricate parable of the shrewd manager, which teaches the wise stewardship of earthly resources for eternal gains. It then addresses challenging topics such as the biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage, and the unsettling yet essential doctrine of hell, as depicted in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus.

As the series progresses, it transitions into the prophetic teachings of Jesus, providing clear guidance on the Christian duty of accountability, the power of thankfulness as demonstrated in the healing of the ten lepers, and the critical understanding of the end times. It also presents the parable of the persistent widow, illustrating the importance of faithful prayer, and contrasts self-righteousness with true humility in the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector.

The series also highlights Jesus' special regard for children, challenging societal norms, and his encounter with the rich young ruler, offering a powerful lesson on the dangers of materialism. The miraculous healing of a blind beggar showcases Jesus' compassion and power, while the story of Zacchaeus illustrates redemption and transformation. Concluding with the parable of the ten minas, the series underscores the responsibility of believers to diligently use their God-given gifts in anticipation of Christ's return. "Parables and Prophesies" offers a comprehensive exploration of these chapters in Luke, encouraging listeners to deeper faith and understanding of Jesus' teachings.

Luke 16–19

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