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Holy Obsession (Paperback)

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Robert Murray McCheyne said, "Remember, you are God's sword, His instrument, a chosen vessel unto Him to bear His name. It is not great talent that God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus Christ. A holy Christian is an awesome weapon in the hand of God."

At the very heart of someone with a holy obsession is the realization that God doesn't just choose sinners to be partakers in His divine nature, He chooses the worst of them. Our indebtedness to the gospel allows us to be active weapons in the hands of an awesome God.

In this book, Stephen focuses on the concept of the battle between the spirit and the flesh. That battle is a fundamental concept in the Christian faith. The flesh is the sinful nature that resides within all human beings, and the spirit is the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer. These two forces are constantly at war with one another, and that the outcome of this battle has profound implications for the life of a Christian.

Stephen examines the role of the mind in this battle between the spirit and the flesh. The mind is the battlefield where this conflict takes place, and it is crucial for Christians to take control of their thoughts in order to overcome the influence of the flesh. He argues that the mind is the key to spiritual transformation, and that by focusing on the things of the Spirit, believers can gain victory over the flesh.

Dr. Davey then turns to the text of Romans 8:5-11 and provides a detailed exposition of this passage. He highlights the contrast between the mindset of the flesh and the mindset of the Spirit, arguing that the flesh is focused on worldly desires and is hostile to God, while the Spirit is focused on the things of God and brings life and peace. He also emphasizes the importance of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer, arguing that this is the source of power and transformation that enables Christians to overcome the influence of the flesh.

Christians must be diligent in their efforts to take control of their thoughts and focus on the things of the Spirit. Christians must trust in the power of the Holy Spirit and persevere in the battle between the spirit and the flesh, knowing that ultimate victory is assured through Christ.


Romans 15:14–33

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