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  • The People's Republic of China is the most populated nation in the world, with over 1.4 billion citizens.
  • China has a 96% literacy rate, and Mandarin is the official language.
  • 14% of the world's populatin speaks Mandarin.

For the last several years, we have been releasing a steady stream of content in Mandarin. Stephen's sermons are being translated by a Chinese national named Simon. Simon then records and edits those sermons for broadcast and distribution. 

So far, we have released Stephen's esposition of Genesis, Ruth, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Jonah, John, Acts, Philippians, Titus, James, and 1-3 John. We are about to release Exodus. 

As we evaluate the traffic on our website, we've noticed a steady increase in traffic from China. In the last few months, China has moved from 15th to 3rd in listener rankings. (Behind the United States and Canada.) In addition, we are seeing an increase in engagement with our Mandarin content from areas in the United States with large Chinese populations such as Seattle Washington and Flushing/Queens New York.

We are excited and grateful to be used by God to help Mandarin speakers learn God's Word. It's an honor to be providing gospel truth in Mandarin. As you know, many places in the world, including China, do not have access to the Bible teaching that we enjoy in America. When Bible teaching is available, it's not always biblically sound. We're working hard to solve that. 

If you have friends who speak Mandarin, please share our Mandarin Bible teaching with them. 

Of course, our ability to partner with Simon and produce this content is made possible by the support we receive. Learn more about partnering with us