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Visionary Work

Isaiah 17:7-8a

In that day man will look to his Maker, and his eyes will look on the Holy One of Israel. He will not look to the altars, the work of his hands, and he will not look on what his own fingers have made.

Flip the pages of your Bible over to Jeremiah 2:12-13 and listen as God pours out His broken heart to His prodigal people. “’Be appalled, O heavens, at this; be shocked, be utterly desolate, … for my people have committed two evils: they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water.’” If that isn’t enough to set us straight, He goes on in verse 31: “’Have I been a wilderness to Israel, or a land of thick darkness? Why then do my people say, “We are free, we will come no more to you”?’” It’s as if even He who is perfect in wisdom can’t understand the irrationality of sin. Sin is so contrary to holiness, so averse to prudence, that we, by pursuing it, make a farce of life and fools of ourselves.

Christian, remember: today is God’s workmanship and so are you. So lift your eyes in adoration and lift your hands in consecration.