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To the Max

John 5:17 But Jesus answered them, “My Father is working until now, and I am working.” 

I’ll never forget a conversation I had with my father upon graduating from college. On the long drive home, mentally exhausted by the prospect of starting a new full-time job, I said, “Life is just one thing after another and there isn’t time to rest.” My father simply replied, “Yes, but we aren’t here to rest.” That comes to mind whenever I read Jesus’ words in John 5. Think about it: Christ didn’t have to endure the humiliation of taking on our flesh, living perfectly before us, and dying in our stead. But, in love, He did that to the max. Marvel at the thought that just as God is faithful to complete the wondrous redemptive work He began in the world, He is faithful to complete the work He has begun in you as well. 

What work has God assigned for you today, friend? Imitate Him by giving it your all! 

Extra Refreshment

“I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do.” 

John 17:4