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The Silence of The Lamb

Isaiah 42:2
He will not cry aloud or lift up his voice, or make it heard in the street; … he will faithfully bring forth justice.

It’s easy to get poetical when juxtaposing the sovereign voice that thundered “Let there be light” on the world’s brightest day with the broken voice that muttered “Father, forgive them” on the world’s darkest, but that’s not what I initially draw from reading Isaiah 42:2. For me, this is a contrast between the way God delivers His truth meekly and the way men holler their lies abrasively. Look at Jesus before a gesticulating Pilate. Look at Him absorbing the fists and insults of virulent false priests. Look at Him before that crazed mob of common folk as they scream words I’m ashamed to write even now: “Crucify Him!” See, we speak often of the uncompromising power of Christ’s words, and rightly so, but there’s equal weight to His silence. He doesn’t need Sinai-type rumblings for His voice to resonate; in fact, He doesn’t even need words at all. He thunders just as well without them.

So today, Christian, remember the attitude Christ exemplified before the abusive crowds of His own day, and have that same attitude in you in the midst of yours.