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The Language Barrier

The Language Barrier

Genesis 11:1 Now the whole earth had one language and the same words.

Just this month, I was startled to watch a video of a female Supreme Court nominee being asked point blank in a congressional hearing, “What is a woman?”, and she replied on record, “I don’t know.” In case you needed proof that intrinsic theology and basic biology are becoming casualties of political correctness today, there it is. But worse still, even love, which everyone agrees the world needs more of, has become a banner to justify heinous acts. Love for women means we let them murder their unborn babies. Love for children means we let them mutilate their bodies and undergo hormonal therapies. Love for neighbors means we stay silent to their sins so that we never hurt their feelings. But what does it matter if we all speak the same language and use the same words if our definitions don’t conform to reality? In that case, our lives become Babel 2.0. Our minds become ruled by confusion, our actions deviate from God’s truth and beauty, and our way of life devolves into a hopeless wandering.  

So friend, calibrate your heart and mind today to God’s Word, to His definition, because His won’t lead you astray.