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The Heavens Declare

Psalm 19:1-2
The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.

When Mozart was two years old, he sat on the floor near the pianoforte and listened as his older sister received lessons from their father. One day, without any prompting, little Amadeus toddled over to the piano where his sister was playing. He reached up and played a chord, then another, then another, until his hand eventually struck a wrong note. Upon hearing the dissonant sound, he burst into a fit of tears, and his father couldn’t console him for a long time afterward! As a young man, Mozart was known to rush into his home after being away, yelling, “Pen! Paper! Hurry!” He would then hurriedly write down the notes that had been playing in his mind. What astonished the musicians of his day was the fact that Mozart could compose meticulously the music he heard in his mind with such ease that he often would finish a piece without ever having had to erase or correct a single note! I was amazed by the creative thinking behind the music. How could someone—especially one so young—create such riveting and moving melodies that today are still considered some of the greatest symphonic works of all time? The music of Mozart is not nearly a complete reflection of Mozart the man. There is so much more behind those musical notes on the page. The same is true with God and His creative masterpieces.

One evening I was driving with my family, and we saw the sun setting in the distance. The entire canvass of sky was splashed with diverse shades of orange, red, and purple. We couldn’t help but park the car and stare with open mouths. A single thought captivated my mind in that moment: “Wow! What a magnificent painting; Lord, what a magnificent Creator You are!”

Musical notes aren’t written by themselves, and by the same token, sunrises and sunsets don’t just happen by themselves. The firmament is a canvass in the hands of a Divine Artist—the Artist of Artists—and each sunrise and sunset is first fashioned in His mind before being put on display. God deserves the applause.

Whether it’s rainy or sunny today, take time—like David—to look at the world around you and stand in awe of Creator God. Creation is singing; are you listening?