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Sabbath Psalm (Revision of Mary Ann Lathbury’s hymn, ‘Break Thou the Bread of Life’)

Break now the bread of life, dear Lord, for me,
Just as You broke the loaves beside the sea;
You are the Feast the Bible’s leading toward:
The Spirit of the letters—living Word!

Bless now the truth, dear Lord, to me—
Just as you blessed the bread by Galilee;
And fill my hungry soul with every bite;
Till holiness consumes my appetite.

You are the sweetest wine, O Lord, to me!
Your goodness, even now, I taste and see!
But more my heart desires, and more I crave:
I’ve sipped the cup—now drown me in the wave!

Please send Your Spirit, Lord, now unto me,
A cloud by day and fire by night is He!
A Helper through the winding wilderness:
Through all the journey long, my Sabbath rest.