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Sabbath Psalm (A revision of John W. Peterson’s hymn ‘A Student’s Prayer’)

God, the giver and sustainer
of our human intellect,
Guide our search for truth and knowledge—
all our thoughts and ways direct.

Help us yearn for deeper wisdom—
take us far in that pursuit;
Saturate our minds with Scripture:
Truth revealed and absolute.

O how vast Your store of wonders!
Deeper than uncharted seas;
Bidding us to bold adventure
if we’d turn from sloth and ease.

But we need Your hand to guide us
in the marvels we pursue,
And the presence of Your Spirit
to illumine all we do.

May the things we learn, so meager,
never lift our hearts in pride,
Lest in foolish self-reliance
we would wander from Your side.

Let them only draw us closer,
Lord, to You that we may see—
Holy Spirit through the letters;
meaning of the mysteries!