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Sabbath Psalm 45 (Revision of Thomas Kelly’s hymn ‘Hark! Ten Thousand Harps and Voices’)

Hark! Ten thousand harps and voices sound the note of praise above;
Jesus reigns! The choir rejoices—Prince of Peace and Lord of Love!

Not a tyrant cruel and cold!
He’s our Shepherd—we’re His fold!

Jesus, Hail! Whose glory brightens all above and gives it worth;
Lord of life, Your smile enlightens, cheers and charms Your saints on earth!

Here we live through faith by grace;
Till the day we see Your face!

Savior, hasten Your appearing; let our eyes see You today!
Be through clouds of doubt, the Clearing! Be through all the fog, the Way!

Show us through our earthly sense
Heaven in the present tense!