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Sabbath Psalm 3

Sabbath Psalm 3

(from the song, “Shadows of Doubt”)

Where is that faith that used to dance upon the raging sea? That fought a giant with just a stone and sent him to his knees? The kind of faith that thought a mountain was a mustard seed? That prayed for rain and didn’t move until the clouds took heed? Oh God, hear my cry! Keep leading me even when faith doesn’t turn to sight. Oh God, help me out! Keep leading me even in shadows of my doubt. Where is that grace that used to pick up beggars off the street? That wasn’t scared to soil its hands to wash a sinner’s feet? The kind of grace that took a hit and turned the other cheek? That loved with deeds, not just with words, cuz talk alone is cheap? Oh God, take me back! Keep leading me even when my feet fall off track. Oh God, take me in! Here in your arms I know I’ll find my way again.

God is my Shepherd, He draws me close to His side. He waters my soul in rivers I thought had all dried. Yea though I walk through valleys where my faith loses sight. I will not fear, for He is here, even in the night.