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Sabbath Psalm 25

Sabbath Psalm 25 (from the song, ‘Sequoia’)

Fire and stones compose an altar
Piercing winds—a knife
A Seed is sown in blood and water
Laying down His life

Thirsty earth consumes the off’ring
Thorns compose a crown
Darkness can’t explain the offspring
Rising up from the hallowed ground

Far beneath the eyes of vultures
Death and life converge
Unseen fingers carve a sculpture
Soon enough it will emerge

Tremors in the earth start sounding
Light comes pouring through
Resurrection’s voice resounding
“Heaven’s veil is torn in two!”

Oh, I can see the mighty forest
Rising where Love fell
And I can hear Redemption’s chorus
Tow’ring over hell

While men ignore the Love that binds them
And many curse the creed
I have come to trust The Sower
Cuz I can see He’s always been the Seed.