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Sabbath Psalm 2

Sabbath Psalm 2

(from the song, “The Highs and Lows”)

Some days I feel abandoned; others I feel like I’m your only child. Some days my faith walks wounded; others it laughs as it runs and runs for miles. Some days I go through motions; others I’m moved by joy I can’t explain. Some days the cross encumbers; others it opens the door to new terrain. But all the same you carry me—through all the highs and lows. You’re always there with me—in ways I could never know. 

I’m just a deaf man trying to hear; I’m just a proud man learning to fear; I’m just a proselyte You welcomed here by Your grace. I’m just a beggar in your hand-me-downs. I’m just an infant that’s crawling around; I’m just a handful of dust from the ground that you raised. But you’re still a Father when I’m on the run; you’re still a Savior despite what I’ve done; you’re still the Healer when I’m overcome by the miles. You’re still the Giver who keeps my hands full; you’re still the Shepherd who walks in my wool; you’re still the Love that’s been unbreakable all the while.