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Sabbath Psalm 19

Sabbath Psalm 19

(from the song ‘Even Still’)

When my mind runs back to former sins, when I crave forbidden fruit again, when the world looks better than this rugged cross; when I dig up those old, dirty clothes, from the grave where they lay decomposed, when I trade back all I gained for all I’ve lost.

Then I hear You draw near—call me out into the clear. You expose my secret idols—teach my heart again to fear. I’m an unfaithful bride, but You remain by my side; though I take Your love granted even still Your love abides.

When I realize what a fool I’ve been, when I long to see Your face again, when I’ve squandered the inheritance You gave; when I look down at my tattered clothes, and I weep over the path I chose, and I know—this time—I’m too far gone to save.

Then You run through the door— take me back as before! And I find the life I’d wasted has forever been restored. I'm a prodigal man—but I’m safe in Your hands! You are faithful to Your promise, yes You You’ll keep me to the end!