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Sabbath Psalm 17

Sabbath Psalm 17

(from the poem, ‘Marvel at the Mystery’)

Listen to the angels’ song: are lonely hills where it belongs? Gather round the feeding trough: should God be wrapped in common cloth? Gaze into the Infant’s face: could Heaven fit so small a space? Marvel at the mystery of God in this nativity.

Search the heavens for a sign: but is His light so hard to find? Bring Him gold and precious things: but are these worthy offerings? Hold the Toddler’s tiny hand: does Heaven need our help to stand? Marvel at the mystery that Christ took on our infancy.

Feel Him pull you from the waves: why don’t we learn to fix our gaze? See Him through the beggar’s eyes: does Mercy take us by surprise? Run with children to His call: aren’t we just children after all? Marvel at the mystery of Christ in His humility.

Feel the darkness of the cross: how can we comprehend the cost? Hear the words that pierced the veil! Can words begin to tell the tale? Watch as Resurrection dawns! Was Heaven rising all along? Marvel at the mystery of Christ redeeming you and me.