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Sabbath Psalm 11

Sabbath Psalm 11 (From the song, ‘All of Me’)

How many songs have never reached Your ear? How many words have You refused to hear? You’re worthy of more than simple notes and chords. You’re worthy to hear, “Lord, not my will, but Yours!” Obedience is better than sacrifice; to heed is better than the fat of rams. Let obedience flow from my lips and from my life: I come with open heart and empty hands. I surrender all of me: to You, my Savior and my King! I lay me down at Your feet—You deserve the highest offering! So I give You all of me.

I’m sick of the words I sing but don’t live out; pretending that words are what worship’s all about. You’re worthy of more than I can express, so I bring to the altar only my best: to worship in spirit and truth—sing in light of Your righteousness. Humility is a gift You won’t despise; to love is better than a thousand songs. Let humility rise like smoke before your eyes: I’ve been worshiping myself for far too long.

Take my mind, take my body and soul; take my will, Lord I give You control! In light of Your great mercy You deserve the highest price; so here’s my life—here’s my living sacrifice.