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Sabbath Psalm 10

Sabbath Psalm 10 (from the song, ‘Let there be Light’)

Words that spoke without resistance, calling worlds into existence: creating time and space; holding all in place. God whose hands brought forth the nations, Word made flesh—what incarnation! Come to set us free; do we have eyes to see? Love, like a fire, I could feel you burning—waking my soul with a spark. Thief in the night, you came without warning—to steal all the doubt from my heart. 

Heaven smiled! Oh my heart went wild! When Your voice shattered the night, shattered the night.

And the same four words that brought forth the world—You spoke to me and brought me to life, brought me to life. When You said, “Let there be light!” “Let there be light!”

Thomas looked into Your eyes—just days after he’d watched You die. He reached out his trembling hand; held the Truth he could not comprehend; and his faith was brought back to life. I know I wasn’t there that night; but You say someday I’ll get my sight. So I lift my trembling hands—cause I know there’s hope in the end! After darkness, You’ll be my light.