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Old Dogs

Old Dogs

Genesis 9:20

Noah began to be a man of the soil, and he planted a vineyard.


Boy did I need this word of encouragement today, friend, and maybe you’re right there with me. I’ve been hammering away at carpentry recently, asking the Lord to teach my hands new skills, but I’m needing courage in this busy season of life to push through the growing pains. Aren’t I too old to learn a trade? Isn’t it too late to change course? Aren’t I unqualified for the work? Questions like these nip at my heels like old dogs keeping me from new tricks, and that’s why Noah’s resiliency here in Genesis 9:20 is so uplifting. He’s just watched his whole world wash away—his career, his livelihood, his collection, his shop full of tools—yet, despite the loss, he steps out of the ark with fresh vigor. He knows that providence, not chance, has brought him to this crucial moment, and he’s up for the challenge.  


Friend, maybe you painted yesterday but you’ll dig tomorrow. Maybe you started a blog last year, but you’ll start a church next year. Whatever the case, are you willing to learn and grow and even start something new? That’s the question for June that we’ll answer come July.