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Mark My Word

Mark My Word

Exodus 16:26-27

“Six days you shall gather it, but on the seventh day, which is a Sabbath, there will be none.” On the seventh day some of the people went out to gather, but they found none.

Why do you think so many pilgrims disregarded Moses’ clear and simple instruction here? Maybe some just tuned him out as irrelevant, the way we tune out an airplane stewardess who gives those discomforting ‘in case of crash’ precautions that we just know won’t apply to our flight. Maybe others listened to Moses’ instructions, intently even, but only in the way that those hungry crowds listened to Jesus’ at Capernaum. They just wanted a free meal. They didn’t care about the spiritual meaning being represented through the food. Still, perhaps others ventured out on Saturday looking for manna not because they’d ignored Moses’ instructions, nor because they cared little for spiritual things, but because they thought they could bend God’s will to their whims. They thought God’s decision not to give manna on Saturday was silly, or unnecessary, or severe, and He’d eventually relent if enough people came out on Saturday with baskets. After all, God doesn’t want us to go hungry, does He? He’ll come around. He’ll lower the restrictions when He sees that the world’s moved on.

Ever heard anything like that before, friend? Ever said something like that yourself? We all have. At some point or another, even this past week, maybe already today, we gathered our baskets, walked out the front door, and tried to find soul-satisfying manna in exactly the spot God clearly said it couldn’t be found. Sadly, more and more today we’re seeing prominent Christian leaders being exposed for adulteries and embezzlements. More and more we’re seeing pastors making themselves wealthy off their poorer constituents. More and more we’re watching entire denominations embrace the sexual revolt and ordain gay, lesbian, and transgender clergy. Why? Because they either haven’t listened to what God said, or the voice of their appetite is louder than the Spirit, or they think Christianity is about God conforming Himself into man’s image, rather than man being transformed into His.

Friend, continue to delight your soul in Heaven’s manna today, and partake of it in Heaven’s way. That way you’ll never come home empty.