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Jesus Loves the Little Children

Isaiah 54:13
“All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children.”

Oh that Christ was welcome in schools across this country today, that His truth was the core of our curriculums, that His selflessness was the objective of teachers’ unions, that His love was the highest aim of educational structures. But right now there’s an onslaught against children, and I have to admit: as a father of two myself, it’s terrifying to watch. I’ve seen multiple video clips now of students as young as four being exposed to drag queens who dance around a classroom and demonstrate how exciting a gender-change can be. Other videos showed teachers separating children into groups by the color of their skin, calling one group ‘oppressors’ and the other ‘oppressed’. Then there was a clip of a giddy, young pregnant woman who took an abortion pill on live TV just to prove how safe it was. 

Christian, we better start praying hard for these vulnerable souls in society who are being initiated into an immoralist cult before they even know that two plus two equals four. I know we want revival for our own generation; but it’s the generations behind us that need it most of all.