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Invisibly Involved

Philippians 2:13

For it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.

I remember years ago when Daystar International Ministry set up a webcam in Jerusalem to capture an unusual sight: the second coming of the Messiah! This was expected at the stroke of midnight, signaling the year 2000. Imagine capturing God on film! You would have Messiah where you could actually see Him. A miraculous sighting of the Lord seems far more marketable and exciting than the invisible working of God. There are today fabricated reports of miraculous occurrences all across the globe: visions, sightings, miracles, and strange happenings. I’ll admit that it would be exciting to see with my own eyes a miracle performed by God. That’s so much more interesting than attempting to discern His invisible working in the ordinary events of everyday life.

Yet for the believer today, that is where God actually is at work—in the mundane, tiring, ordinary, and even repetitive duties of life. It may come without the thunder and lightning of Mount Sinai, but He is working in our lives right now just as He worked in the lives of His disciples and followers in the first century. Howie Stevenson, former Music Minister who served with Pastor Chuck Swindoll for many years, was fond of saying, “God moves among the casseroles.” He meant that God was just as much at work in a person making dinner in the kitchen as He was in Paul planting a church in Ephesus.

God knows how easy it is for you to doubt His sovereignty when you don’t see and hear His power . . . or sense His presence in the silence. But He has spoken, and He is present. Kitchens, cubicles, car pools, and conference rooms—all are the Holy of Holies. You are in His presence today; although invisible, He is at work in you at this very moment. You don’t need a camera to prove it—God promised it. So trust His heart . . . even when you can’t see His hand.