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Filthy Poor

Isaiah 32:5
The fool will no more be called noble, nor the scoundrel said to be honorable.

In case you haven’t kept up with the news lately, here’s a recent headline for you: ‘biological male swimmer shatters every female record as a trans collegiate swimmer.’ How inclusive! Here’s another one: ‘Hall of fame male athlete changes name, puts on high heels and a skirt, and wins Woman of the Year.’ How progressive! No more spotlight for behind-the-scenes mothers who sacrifice their fortune to raise a family; no more purple hearts for nurses who heal wounded soldiers on the front lines; no more cover stories for child advocacy partners who rescue at-risk children from slavery; no more headlines for drug rehab and homeless shelter volunteers who give up their time to serve the poor. Unsung heroes like these only get praised in a world where Micah 6:8 is the standard; not in an upside-down, left-is-right, black-is-white world where fools are praised as wise men and scoundrels are given medals.  

But friend, you live by the highest, most honorable standard of all—God’s character; not by the nightmarish fantasies of tabloid publicists. So walk in Christ’s justice today, abide in His mercy, and give your dirt-poor world a picture of true nobility.