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An Inspiration

An Inspiration

Genesis 12:4a So Abram went, as the LORD had told him...

Thirty-six years ago, my mom and dad moved down to Cary, North Carolina, with newborn twins in tote (me being one of them), and with little money in their pockets, to plant a church in what was to them an unknown land, and their example of faith has inspired me greatly over the years. Who comes to your mind when you read of Abram’s obedience here in Genesis 12:4, friend? My wife loves to celebrate seasonal holidays, and because she’s taken the time recently to investigate the true stories behind some of them, I’ve rediscovered just how many of our Western traditions are rooted in missionary endeavors. I’ve learned that Halloween was originally called “All Hallows Eve”, and was started by Christian missionaries in the second century to celebrate Christ’s victory over sin and death. I’ve also learned that St. Patrick was enslaved as a teenager in Ireland, escaped to freedom, and later felt God’s calling to go back to the very people who treated him cruelly to lead them to Christ.  

Let’s glean inspiration from the testimonies of faithful parents and mentors and missionaries who’ve obeyed God’s call. But let’s follow their example most of all.