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Adding it All Up

Adding it All Up

Genesis 13:16 “I will make your offspring as the dust of the earth, so that if one can count the dust of the earth, your offspring also can be counted.”

We don’t need keen eyes to see that our world today is drowning in deep darkness. Millions of people in this generation, young and old alike, are triumphantly marching away from God’s Word in a mass exodus, and they’re calling it progress, and like those Roman mobs of old, they’re effectively casting bibles into a bonfire to fuel their new way of life. But friend, when you smell the smoke today, and when the devil whispers in your ear that the world is too far gone or that sharing Christ with your neighbor isn’t worth it or that being a faithful spouse and parent and minister won’t make a difference, remind him of Genesis 13:16. Because when God’s redemptive work is complete, no calculator in the world will be able to measure the magnitude of it all.       

How vast will heaven’s host be? Well, count all the specks of dust on your floors and window sills and dressers, and then, once you’ve reached the end of your house—if you’re miraculously still alive—keep counting till you’ve reached the end of the world.