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A Feast for the Eye

A Feast for the Eye

Genesis 43:34

Portions were taken to them from Joseph’s table, but Benjamin’s portion was five times as much as any of theirs. And they drank and were merry with him.

This encouraging glimpse into the spiritual growth taking place in Joseph’s ten half-brothers could be rewritten as a proverb: “With a grateful heart, even a little portion becomes a feast.” Joseph’s made a career out of surpassing people’s expectations, out of surprising the Potiphars and Pharaohs of the world, but now it’s his turn to be amazed. First, he sets the bait. He knows how envious these brothers are—it won’t be hard to draw them out. So he orders his servant to set ten kids’ meals of chicken nuggets and applesauce before the eldest and a triple-cheeseburger with fries and a milkshake before the youngest. But as he scours the faces for any upturned lip, any roll of the eye, any drop of the fork, he finds nothing of the sort. Only his jaw drops. Only his fork hits the plate. Only his head shakes in bewilderment. What on earth has gotten into these guys?!

Here’s a simple principle for us today, friend: life’s a whole lot merrier when we stop making demands for what we don’t have and start rejoicing for what we do.