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A Divine Intervention

Numbers 30:8
“But if, on the day that her husband comes to hear of it, he opposes her, then he makes void her vow that was on her, and the thoughtless utterance of her lips by which she bound herself. And the LORD will forgive her.”

Had the wave of today’s radical justice warriors been living in this Mosaic commonwealth, there would’ve been an uprising over Numbers 30:8. The streets would’ve been flanked by picket signs, drowned in the marching of angry feminists decrying the misogyny of the patriarchy. To think that a woman might make an unwise vow in a frenzy of emotion and need a loving husband to bear responsibility for her and stand in her way is an outrage to our demented generation. Now, that said, as a highly emotional man myself, I, too, have been rescued on occasion by the loving intervention of my wife. For instance, I once ordered hundreds of copies of a brand-new children’s book I’d written, but when the books arrived from the printing house, the pages were too thin and too glossy for my liking, so I literally wanted to throw them all out in the garbage! Had it not been for my wife’s loving intervention in that moment, I would’ve gone through with it.

Frankly, I pity the unloved women of this generation who storm through the streets, whining and screaming about male privilege and inequality, who don’t know the beauty of marital intervention. Yes, we’ve all been hurt by our spouses, and, yes, we’ve done our share of hurting them as well, but we’ve been spared a world of hurt too. To have a spouse who is strong enough and godly enough and wise enough to stand in our way when we’re making a foolish mistake, and humble enough to let us stand in theirs as well, is one of God’s greatest gifts!

Make no mistake, friend: the real reason Satan wants to eradicate godly men from homes and churches and society all round is because he wants to eradicate God. His ploy is simple: get a generation of women to believe that the very idea of fatherhood and brotherhood and husbandry is a ball-and-chain against their flourishing, and they’ll raise their fist to God—the intervening Father and Brother and Husband they need so desperately.