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A Bloom in Winter

Isaiah 40:8
The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

This principle might sound jarring at first, but perhaps you need reminding of it as much as I do, friend: God’s word is only as good as His heart. Christ taught us in Luke 6:45 that a person speaks out of the abundance of his heart, which means that words are just the offspring of thoughts, and thoughts are the offspring of affections, and affections are the offspring of the inner person—the true person. So how many politicians have campaigned for your welfare, bought your vote, and then failed to deliver? How many products and services have enamored you in marketing ads but didn’t live up to their ‘satisfaction guarantee’? How many contracts full of conditions and clauses have you already thrown out with the trash? God’s Word isn’t like these. Not because the ink on these pages is magically inerasable or because the parchment itself is somehow indestructible, but because the character behind it is ever faithful. 

So take courage, friend! Even if the world looks bleak outside your door today and all you see is grass withering and flowers fading and foundations eroding, you’re safe in God’s ever-loving heart.