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Will there only be eleven thrones in heaven because of Judas' betrayal?

by Stephen Davey

Leroy asks, "Jesus Christ promised that His disciples would sit on twelve thrones ruling over Israel when He reigned. (Matthew 19:28-29). Because of the betrayal of Judas, should that be eleven thrones?"

First, you are correct in observing that Judas will not be sitting on one of those thrones. The reason we know that is because Jesus made Judas' fate clear in Matthew 26:24. Jesus, speaking of Judas, said "But woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would have been good for that man if he had not been born” (Matthew 26:24). So, of the original 12 disciples, Judas was excluded from this future blessing. 

When you get to the book of Acts, Peter knew that this prophesy needed to be fulfilled. He knew that there needed to be 12 apostles sitting on 12 thrones. Led by the Holy Spirit, Peter proposed a plan for finding a replacement for Judas. You can read about this in Acts 1:15-26. 

The requirements for this replacement were very specific:

  1. He needed to have been one of the followers of Jesus, beginning with Jesus baptism (Acts 1:21).
  2. He needed to be a witness to the resurrection (Acts 1:22).

They chose two men who met those qualifications, and of the two, the Lord chose Matthias. From that day on, Matthias was counted among the other eleven.

So, there will be twelve thrones, and Matthias will sit on one of them.

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Bob says:
I agree that there will be 12 apostles on thrones. However, the original 12 were all chosen by Jesus himself. While Matthias was there with Jesus, Jesus did not choose him. Jesus did in effect choose Saul (Paul) on the road to Damascus. which brings up the possibility that Paul will be one of the 12 seated. It is one of the mysteries that will be revealed when we meet our LORD and Savior on that glorious day. Shalom, Bob
Dwight Osborne says:
Matthias will be the 12th, not Paul. The 11 indeed chose Matthias but they did it using the lots. If God were displeased He simply would have told them NO. When the 11 spoke and acted they did so in and with the authority of Christ. So Paul won't be a judge over Israel but he will bea judge over Gentilesand at the great white throne over the lost and the fallen angels.