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Why didn't Jesus commit Himself to everyone who professed faith?

by Stephen Davey

Michelle asks, “Can you explain John 2:23-25? If the people are truly saved, why would Jesus not commit Himself to them?”

The key to understanding this section is verse 25 which says [Jesus] "needed no one to bear witness about man, for he himself knew what was in man.”

In other words, Jesus knew the hearts of the people around him. The crowd was impressed with the miracles Jesus did, but they did not have saving faith in Him. 

One way we can know this is by looking at events that take place later in Jesus’ life, but in the same city. This is the same city where Jesus is hailed as Messiah on His triumphal entry. But that very same crowd shouted “crucify him” a few days later.  They were impressed with His miracles, but they did not understand his mission. 

Even for His disciples, the Bible tells us that they did not truly understand or believe until after the resurrection. 

So, no they were not saved at this point, and Jesus knew this according to verse 25. 

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