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Where in Revelation is the Rapture?

by Stephen Davey

A listener asked: “Where in Revelation does the Rapture occur?”


I believe the rapture takes place between chapter 3 and chapter 4. I say this because the church has disappeared from the book after chapter three. Then in chapter 4, we see the church singing before the throne of God.

When you come to Revelation 6, we find the lyrics to a song.  I believe that the “elders” in the song are a reference to the church. I believe that the casting of crowns before the throne is a reference to the church being rewarded and giving those rewards back to the Lord. 

By the way, the church reappears in chapter 19, when we return with the Lord when he comes to establish His kingdom on earth.

If I wanted to be precise, I think the rapture is after Revelation 3, but it is certainly prior to Revelation 6. 

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