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What does the word "vibes" mean in Christian culture?

by Stephen Davey

Jenny asked, "I hear many young Christians using the phrase "good vibes" or "happy Sunday vibes." I was taught that the word "vibes" was a new age or occult word, yet I hear it so much from young Christians. Is this a wordly term we should reject?

Thanks for your question. 

If you have a relationship with a person talking about “vibes,” it might be good to ask them what they mean. Not only will you get clarity, but it causes the person to think about the words they use. 

I suspect that most people using that word are not thinking in terms of the New Age or the occult. 

One way the word ‘vibe’ seems to be used today is as a synonym for ‘wish.’ Four example, if a person were to end an email to you with the phrase “good vibes,” she is likely trying to say that she thinking about you, and wishing you a good day.

It’s certainly a slang works that does not communicate clearly. It’s not a word that I use. But in modern use, I don’t assume that someone using that word is referring to the occult.

But again, asking the person for clarification in a kind way would be the best way to discern what they really mean. 

I hope this helps.

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