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Should the church condemn the COVID vaccine?

by Stephen Davey

Sandra asks: “Why has the church not taken a stand on the evil way the COVID-19 vaccines have been created, using fetal tissue from abortions?”


Let me begin my answer by unequivocally affirming the premise of your question: yes, abortion is evil. It is sin in God’s eyes, and I believe human life begins at conception.


Let me also tell you, as I told my church several months ago, I did receive the COVID-19 vaccination.


One of the factors to consider is that fetal tissue does not appear in either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccinations; in fact, fetal cell tissue was only used in the production of those vaccines during their animal-phase testing. Christian organizations like The Christian Medical & Dental Associations have commended these companies for their restraint in using these cells.


I also want to make a factual distinction that I believe does have moral implications. Babies today are not being aborted in America for the purpose of using their cells for scientific research. In fact, almost all strands of fetal tissue listed in scientific studies date back to abortions that occurred in the 1960s and 70s and were preserved by freezing to be continually used in scientific research.


When a person has this particular hesistency toward the COVID vaccine, you need to examine yourself critically and determine if this conviction is something you consistently hold with all medication, or only believe concerning the COVID-19 vaccine. If someone consistently believed that all medicine using fetal tissue was wrong, that person could not take common medicines like Tylenol, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Aleve, Sudafed, Benadryl, Claritin, and the list goes on and on.


Sandra, if you earnestly hold this conviction, and apply it to all parts of your medical life, then I believe you are honoring God in your decision. In this matter of Christian liberty, no one should tell you to violate your conscience or compromise your convictions.


But I do not believe the church should be universally speaking against the vaccine because it is a matter of Christian liberty. Paul commands us to show grace to each other in these areas, and what may be harmful to you spiritually may be beneficial to other brothers and sisters in the faith.


I do not believe the Bible clearly outlaws medication derived from fetal tissue, nor do I believe receiving the vaccine is evil, but I would not force any brother or sister to take something in violation with their conscience.

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dennis corkery says:
Brother, I'm not going to be lenghty here. I just an ordinary man. But, I do have an ear for double talk and that is what your are dishing out.
Valerie Gibson says:
Pastor Davey, I urge you to dig further into the premise that aborted babies are not currently being used to develop vaccines. That is emphatically untrue. Beyond that, the rushed development and the injuries we are now seeing from these shots should cause a Christian pause, at the very least. Overall, it surprises me that any Bible teacher would know what is in store for the last days but not see the signs of the times when evaluating the situation with covid and the vaccines. Please pray about this. I love you dearly and truly appreciate your ministry. I pray you would seek Godly wisdom on this.
Judith Mahala says:
I oppose the Coved Vaccine for common sense reasons such as the fact that they are still experimental, greed behind the vaccines, control that mandatory vaccines are giving evil organizations, governments, and billionaires who think it is their right to decide for the masses, as well as the negative results that are being covered up by big pharma.

I wish I could say for sure that God opposes the vaccine. Even so, for me personally, I feel that His will for me is that it is wrong to take it.

I do know that He has blessed us with so much knowledge and technology in the medical field to treat most illnesses and ailments, but He has also provided so many alternative ways to stay healthy and recover from sicknesses from His own creation. (I also realize that our days are numbered, and God can choose whatever means by which He chooses to call us home.)

I think that it is still good to remember, though, "Good health comes from the farm, not the Pharmacy."