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Is there salvation in hell?

by Stephen Davey

Terry from Florida asked: “If a person dies without knowing the gospel, do they have the opportunity at some later point during judgment to accept Jesus Christ and have eternal life?


This is one of those doctrines and teachings of the Bible that I believe because it is in Scripture, but do not take any pleasure in believing.

The Bible teaches that hell is eternal, and those sent there will be there eternally. Matthew 25 talks about Jesus separating the believers from the unbelievers, and we come to this verse:

Matthew 25:46 And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life” (ESV).

The warning of Scripture to unbelievers, and the reason to trust Christ now, is because hell is eternal and unescapable. The warning of Scripture to believers is to faithfully proclaim the gospel because millions of people have not yet heard it. 

But no, Terry. There is no escape and no second chance for those whom God sends to hell. 

Thank you for your question,


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