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Is Plan B Pill a Sin? A Biblical Perspective on Abortion Pills

by Stephen Davey

Donna asked, “Is the morning after pill the same as an abortion?”

The question, "Is the Plan B pill a sin?" is one that appears frequently in discussions revolving around birth control and abortion within Christian communities. Donna posed this query asking, "Is the morning after pill the same as an abortion?" In order to answer this question, it's crucial to first delve into the Christian perspective on when life begins and how this understanding can be applied to the use of abortion pills.

The Beginning of Life: A Christian Perspective

In the pro-life, Christian community, there is an ongoing debate about the beginning of life. Some pro-life advocates believe that life starts when brain activity or a heartbeat is detected in the fetus, which usually occurs between the fifth and sixth week of pregnancy. Others contend that life begins when the embryo is implanted in the mother's uterus, which typically happens within the first week after conception.

However, the majority of the Christian tradition, most pro-life activists, and the Bible itself indicate that life commences right at conception. The moment sperm and egg join through the scientific process of fertilization, the embryo becomes a human being.

Plan B Pill: A Perspective on its Mechanism

With this understanding of life's inception, we can address Donna's question regarding the Plan B pill, also known as the morning after pill. This contraceptive method operates in two ways to prevent pregnancy. The primary function of the pill is to thwart fertilization by hindering the sperm from reaching or uniting with the egg. This process prevents the formation of a human embryo. If the Plan B pill solely inhibited fertilization or was 100% effective in doing so, it wouldn't be considered as causing an abortion.

However, the Plan B pill has a secondary mechanism – it can prevent the already formed embryo from implanting in the uterus. If an embryo fails to implant in the uterus, it cannot survive and quickly perishes. Given the belief that the embryo is already a human life, obstructing its ability to implant is seen as abortion, murder, and a sin against God by some Christian communities.

Finding Grace in the Face of Sin

For those who have taken a Plan B pill or had an abortion later in their pregnancy, it is vital to remember that your worth and dignity as a person created in God's image did not diminish due to this act, nor does it reduce God's love for you. As outlined in Romans 3, all people, including Christians, have sinned. Yet, this sin, while grave, is no more disqualifying from God's family than any other.

God's immense love is demonstrated by sending His Son to atone for our sins, providing us with the gift of grace. This grace covers not only the sin of abortion but all sins. Any Christ-centered community will offer acceptance, love, counseling, and healing as needed. The cross unifies us, reminding us that there is always hope.

For those who are yet to know Christ, we encourage you to engage with a local church. If you're a believer who fears that your perceived sin of abortion has distanced you from the church, or you feel undeserving of fellowship, seek a church community that will extend to you the same grace and love that God has given you, without dismissing your sin.

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Shannan Tigner says:
I am in Awe of how proficient your answer is!!! I Didn’t and Wouldn’t have Ever Aborted a Precious Child nor Did I or Would I Ever take the plan-B route. However, my sister had 2 abortions, and 1 of which was very late in her pregnancy. She is now 62 and has been suffering profusely for most of her time since said actions. I had 3 kids with 3 different fathers and never was in a relationship with any of them. We grew up in a horrifically abusive home but I always have felt that if you look to God above, he would never have treated you this way so you need to have as much respect for yourself as God intended! All actions have either consequences or blessings and I for one, opt for the latter. Remember Sisters, men already treat us badly as a whole so why treat yourself worse?? Your mind is a fragile organ and we totally need to treat it as such so don’t follow the evil one that tells you that if you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to give birth if it’s inconvenient!! Bless All You Women That hears the true calling of a Mother!!
Vince Wisniewski says:
Man is made in the image of God. 1st Cor.11:7 & Deut.25:11
Joe Mattos says:
Although the marvelous and Divine Grace of God through Christ Jesus is available to anyone who repents before God, either audibly or otherwise, the Biblical persfective I find in Scriture regarding when life begins, is not at fertilization, or coception or actual birth. Iife begins in the Mind of God!
Essence says:
I remember the day like it was yesterday. When me and the person I had been seeing at the time decided to take the planB. I was only six teen and I had promised myself I wouldn’t be as my grandmother and mother was. They both had a teenage pregnancy I didn’t want to continue the chain. I walked all the way to the store with my bestfriend at the time. I was too afraid to even buy it so she got it for me. I was in the bathroom freaking out trying to follow the instructions. After I had tooken the pill I felt horrible I felt guilt. So to drown out the pain me and a few friends downed some cheap liquor. Ever sense that day I felt different. He didn’t even care from my perspective. After the pill wore off (by the way it makes you bleed for days). I just kept it a secret because I was ashamed, not only of that but of having sex before marriage. That year was the year I gave my life to Christ. The next year (2022) God spoke to me saying I had a Son didn’t think much of it. Then a year later(2023) I’m 18 now and God spoke to me and told me my Son is with him and has shown me visions. God told me I could name him and I did. He led me to writing a letter of love to him and releasing it. I’m still healing but God has helped me to forgive myself and he has forgiven me! I thank God, some may think I’m crazy but this is truth. His name is Emmerson Abel P. and I’m waiting for the day I meet him and see Jesus in Heaven! I pray this blesses someone there is always hope and healing in Christ. I can testify that when God says NO it’s out love he wants to protect us. Let your response to God’s NO be YES AND AMEN. Obey God and he will bless you!
Abagail says: