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Is the USA mentioned in Scripture?

by Stephen Davey

Maggie asked, "Does anywhere in Scripture address the USA as a nation?"

The answer to your question is that we really don't know. Because we don't know when the Lord will return, we can't know what will have changed regarding nations and borders. 

The Bible tells us that the return of Christ is "imminent." That means that he could come at any time. Believers in all ages are supposed to live as if Jesus will return at any moment. 

Peter and Paul expected Jesus to return during their lifetime. He didn't, but He could have. Had that happened, the United States would not have even existed. It's also possible that the Lord will tarry for hundreds or thousands more years. If so, we can't say for certain that the United States will still be here. We simply can't know. 

Trying to find the United States specifically mentioned in prophecy would be nothing more than speculation. 

That said, there are a few specific locations that are mentioned prophetically, by name, in the Bible. For example, we know that Jerusalem plays a role in God's end time plans. We also know that Babylon (which would be located in modern day Iraq), will play a role. When the Bible mentions specific locations like that, we can know that God will keep His Word and His plan will be accomplished in those locations. But regarding specific, modern-day countries, we can't know. 

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