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by Stephen Davey

In our brief tour of God’s creation, we have visited two vastly different members of the animal kingdom: the dinosaur and the ant. It’s hard to imagine two more opposite creatures.

In this final article, I want to turn the lens of our focus 180°, and explore God’s most intricate, complex, and marvelous creation of all – our own human bodies.

It’s easy to forget the handiwork of God inside us. As Augustine put it, “Here are men going afar to marvel at the heights of mountains… the vastness of the ocean, the movements of the stars, yet leaving themselves unnoticed and not seeing it as marvelous.”

Consider the human brain, which serves as the operations center of the human body. Our brains contain 100 billion neurons, communicating through 10,000 connections every second.

The complexity of the human eye has been a challenge to evolutionists for as long as evolutionary theory has existed. Charles Darwin, the founder of modern-day evolutionary theory, wrote, “The eye to this day gives me a cold shudder, but… my reason tells me I ought to conquer this cold shudder.” That shudder should have brought him to his senses—the human eye was displaying the glory of God and the marvel of His creation.

The biblical account of the origin of life is vitally important to the foundation of our trust in God’s Word. In other words, if evolution is true, and Genesis 1-2 is wrong, why would we trust what God reveals about the creation of gender (Genesis 1:27); the reality of a global flood (Genesis 7); the origin of language and of nations (Genesis 11). And what about the first prophecy in Scripture, the first promise of the coming Messiah in Genesis 3:15?

If the first 11 chapters of the Bible aren’t trustworthy, what is?

While evolutionary theory may have a monopoly in the public-school systems, in higher-education circles, and in contemporary belief, it does not have a monopoly on the truth. Faithful teachers like Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis provide resources to show that scientific data does fit with a biblical worldview and a literal, six-day creation account.

Let’s focus our microscopes for a few moments on two elements in your own body that reveal the glory of our Creator-God.


Evolutionary theory insists that life was created as the result of chance accidents—random occurrences. So, amino acids just happened to randomly make connections for life—following the big bang.

This, of course, leads to the despair that life really has no lasting meaning or purpose. As Oxford professor Peter Atkins put it: “We’re just a bit of slime on a planet belonging to one sun.” How’s that to start your day off right?

Keep in mind that during the 1800s, when Darwin was observing cells with a small light microscope, the cell would have resembled a disordered blob tossing around in every direction.

A lot has changed since Darwin’s day. With the invention of microscopes that can take us into the world of atoms, here are some facts Darwin wouldn’t have imagined about the human body:

  • Every human body contains 37 trillion cells.
  • In every human body, two million cells die and are replaced every second.
  • Inside every one of the 37 trillion cells are 100 trillion atoms.
  • And each cell includes a defense system to fight off diseases, a protective membrane shell busier than any airport, with designed openings for certain materials to flow in and out.

Does it seem possible that these unmeasurable number of atoms in your body are the result of random chance accidents billions of years ago? Or, more likely, could the complexity of your body be due to the all-powerful, all-knowing God who created you – with all the cells ordered and designed? And even further, He crafted you uniquely and individually. In fact, to this day, no one else on the planet has your fingerprint and voice print. Even the iris in your eye is unique to you.


If your head started spinning moments ago, there’s more to come . . . you might want to take an aspirin.

The complexity of the human cell is dwarfed by comparison to the intricate details present in our DNA. This molecular structure contains the blueprints for our lives. It organizes and plans our growth, development, and all our bodily functions, and then is passed down through reproduction to our children.

If all the DNA in your body was unraveled and straightened, it would reach from one end of our solar system to the other end—twice!

The base pairs of DNA have been described in their beauty like the most ornate stain glass windows in a classical church.

Random chance couldn’t create your DNA any more than a monkey sitting at a computer randomly punching keys could create an accurate telephone book, with each phone number in sequential order and each address spelled correctly.

Well, enough facts. One thing is clear: the significance of creation truth is vital, both to our essence and our purpose.

You are not an accident. You are not the result of random chance or colliding stars. You happen to be the handiwork of God, created in His image and for His glory.

And if God could create every cell in your body, and design every strand of your DNA, don’t you think He should be the Master of your life?

If God invented you, He truly knows how you’re supposed to work, what your purpose and your function is. Can you trust Him in that today?

As King David wrote in Psalm 145, allow the splendor of who God is, and the majesty of His works, to lead you to praise Him, trust Him, enjoy Him and follow Him.

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