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Does God condemn homosexuality?

by Stephen Davey

Patricia asks - I have been introduced to a view that says that the word homosexuality is a mistranslation of a Greek word that really means pedophilia. We know that people have used the bible to push their own personal agendas, so what does the Bible really say?

Patricia, thank you for your question.

I have come across this viewpoint several times during my ministry, and I have seen it become more common in recent years. Several mainline Christian denominations now embrace the LGBTQ+ agenda, and I think its vital for all believers to have their opinions on this issue be founded in the Word of God, not the personal agendas of any man.

I am the president of Shepherds Theological Seminary, and I am blessed to work with a faculty of brillaint and thoughtful Bible scholars. One of our professors, Peter Goeman, is an expert on biblical languages, and he recently wrote an article dealing with this question.

I want you to read his article, which is attached here, and I want you to pay special attention to the difference between the word choice for "homosexuality," and the description of that sinful behavior throughout the Bible.

Ultimately, its a distraction to get caught up in the proper translation of the Greek word that is now translated "homosexuality." As we search the Scriptures for descriptions of immoral, sinful behavior, we will see that homosexual behavior is clearly condemned in both the Old and New Testaments.

Please do take the time to read Peter's article, which I agree with completely.