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Did Jesus Say Anything About The Tribulation?

by Stephen Davey

Jesus’ sermon in Matthew 24 is sometimes called the “Little Apocalypse” because of the clear connection between what He preached and what John saw in Revelation 6. In fact, Matthew 24 provides a wonderful commentary on the seven seals of Revelation. 

In Matthew 24:4-5, Jesus warns of false “Christs” who will come to lead many astray. This corresponds perfectly with the opening of the first seal, when the spirit of the Antichrist will gallop throughout the world deceiving many 

(Revelation 6:1-2). 

Jesus speaks of “wars and rumors of wars . . . nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom” (Matthew 24:6-7). This corresponds with the second seal opened by the Lamb in Revelation 6:3-4, when people will slay one another as peace is removed from the earth. 

Furthermore, Jesus mentions famines in Matthew 24:7. This matches the third seal in Revelation 6:5-6, when food is so scarce even the smallest bit costs a fortune. Jesus provided clear commentary on the tribulation period in His sermon. 

Perhaps most significant is that Jesus warned His disciples about the coming tribulation (Matthew 24:9). Why would He warn an audience about something He knew they would not experience? 

Remember, the Bible was written to us, and not just to those who first heard or read it. The Bible will exist through the tribulation. There will be many who will read of the events of the tribulation in Scripture before they actually unfold. 

What a blessing it will be for those who come to faith in Christ during the tribulation to have both Jesus’ words and the book of Revelation to read, follow, and use as a guideline for the unfolding events of the tribulation! 

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Anyed Quezada says:
Wonderful information that you provided about Matthew 24. I didn't know that it was sometimes called the "Little Apocalypse." But now that I do know, and with the things you shared in your post, then it makes sense and deserves such a nickname. I love how you use references for this blog; it was helpful for me to understand the tribulation and Matthew 24. Knowing that the Bible is meant for us and that we can use it as a guideline is a beautiful blessing. It demonstrates how much our Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to go back to Him.